Football Dad, Football Onesie

It’s two weeks to my fantasy team’s draft, and, if you are as stoked as I am about it you’ve already been devouring the scoop on this years hottest picks. (Yes, Beast Mode is back, but are you really going to be wasting a top-3 pick on him this year like I did 2 years ago? Nah.)

But what it does mean is you likely plan on staking out some prime real estate in the living room this fall and, if you are a new dad like me, you’ll have a distraction other than your significant other to deal with this year: your little bundle of joy.

So, rather than chafe at this notion, my suggestion is to just roll with the punches and dress him/her in this cute little Baby Football Onesie: You may not be able to throw a perfect spiral with your little one, but you’ll get a fair number of chuckles from your buddies.



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